Talk show on ‘Innovation in Chemical Education’ of Dr. Arijit Das organized by the Municipal Council of Kailashahar and Education Department, Govt. of Tripura at Kailashahar, Unakoti Tripura on dated 8th Nov 2018


Topic: Introductory Session of Dr. Arijit Das in the Talk show on ‘Innovation in Chemical Education’
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Topic: Students (TBSE & CBSE) Feedback After Completion of Talk show of Dr. Arijit Das at Kailashahar
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Topic: Talk Show of Dr. Arijit Das at KLS on Quotes of Life and Biography
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Talk Show of Dr. Arijit Das Lecture-1
Topic: Prediction of Hybridization State in an Innovative Time Economic Way and Limitation of Conventional formulae
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Talk Show of Dr. Arijit Das Lecture-2
Title -1: IUPAC Nomenclature of Bicyclo and Spiro Compounds
Title -2: Prediction of Bond Order and Magnetic Properties without Molecular Orbital Theory (MOT).
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Talk Show of Dr. Arijit Das Lecture-3
Topic: Innovative way for the Prediction of Spin multiplicity value of Element, Simple Molecules or Ions and Co-ordination Compounds
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Talk Show of Dr. Arijit Das Lecture-4
Topic: Prediction of Bond Order of Oxide based Acid Radicals in an Innovative way
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